Once upon a time, I had a fairly traditional corporate career. I managed technology projects at the BBC, managed teams of project managers at BG-Group PLC and then RM PLC, then did some programme management consulting at Centrica PLC.

In 2008 I resigned, rented a house in Spain for three months, taught myself to code and built a prototype software product.

Back in the UK, I co-founded a startup to carry on from where I’d left off in Spain. We bootstrapped the company and developed two successful software-as-a-service products. It was a lot of fun. I made some mistakes, but I also learned a heck of a lot.

In 2012, with a stack of new experiences under my belt,  I decided that it was time to take stock and look for something new…

What can I do for you?

I learn fast, I’m creative and I’m resourceful. Faced with an opportunity / problem I can quickly flesh out a range of viable solutions, prototype and refine concepts, then bring together a team to deliver a product, service, or change which delivers results.

Talk to Me

I’m always up for a conversation to explore if there are any ways we can work together. The best place to find me is twitter or you can email me at… jim dot anning at mac dot com