I’ve known Alan Bradburne (@alanb) and Matt Mower (@sandbags)  for a couple of years now. We’ve often put the world to rights over coffee, but until now, I’ve never had the chance to work with either of them. Thinking that our skills might complement each other, we agreed that we’d hack something together as an experiment… and this is the result…

Tube Insight

It hasn’t got a fancy strapline or anything yet – but if it did it might be…

“Instant feedback on your video”


“Improve your business pitch / singing skills / gymnastic ability / etc with crowd-sourced feedback.”

(these are clearly rubbish strap-lines – I’m sure someone else could do better – a lot better :) )

The basic premise is this…

  • You want to improve your performance (in some aspect)
  • You know that getting feedback from your friends / peers / random-people-from-the-internet will help you
  • You record a video of you doing your thing (be it a 30 second elevator speech, a product demo, a song & dance… whatever) and upload it to Youtube (or maybe you point people towards someone else’s thing)
  • You ask friends to help (or whoever you want) by visiting the tubeinsight website.
  • They watch your video, while moving a slider up and down to indicate how much they like or dislike what they see as your video plays. Effectively they highlight the bits where you do well, and the bits where you don’t do so well. If you want to have a go now at giving some feedback click here
  • TubeInsight records and aggregates the real-time feedback from everyone.
  • You go to your results page on tubeinsight. There you can watch your video with an animated graph overlay which shows everyones feedback. To see an example click here
  • At this point (hopefully) you’ve learnt something. You can use your new-found knowledge however you like!

So go try it out…. (if you do, please tell us what you thought)

Obviously its a rough prototype. Maybe Like/Dislike is the wrong question to ask? Maybe the interface isn’t intuitive enough? Maybe people should be able to just review a small portion of a video etc etc.

However, even though it’s pretty basic right now, we know from the initial feedback we’ve had that there are lots of directions it could go in (if any jump out at you then do feel free to tell us, we’d love to know!)

If you know of any communities of people where real-time anonymous feedback of the sort of activity that can be video’s (no – let’s not go there) is valuable, then we’d love to talk to them – put us in touch.




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  1. Stephen Glover (@skg83239) @ 2013-02-27 13:47

    Great idea in principle. On the demo I found a considerable lag between working out whether I liked/disliked something & moving the slider. I guess more practice on my part would improve that.

    In general the usage may split into two categories the most popular being a “beauty contest” the other the intended crowd source critique.

    For the crowd source critique it will be interesting collecting feedback on anything that requires a complex answer. I have direct experience with swim technique videos. In a 10 second sequence there could be 10+ things to comment on.

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