a little beer festival app

Last year I made a little web app which listed the beers available at Reading Beer Festival in a phone friendly way. It worked well and was an easy way of navigating the 500 or so beers on offer.

This year I have done the same. Point your phone (or any other browser for that matter) at http://jimanning.com/rdgbeerfest, bookmark it and you’ll be all set.

If you are going… I hope you have a great time… and I hope that this little App helps you discover some new beers. (and apologies if you are a cider drinker… there are around 200 ciders on offer, but I haven’t had time to build them in as well)

Here’s the technical bit (for those who care). It’s not very sophisticated, but it’s functional and was pretty quick to knock up. I scraped the beer info from the official site using YQL. Then I used a simple bit of array munging in PHP to output a couple of static html files pivoted around breweries and strengths, then wrapped the whole thing in iUI to give it a simple iPhone-like interface.


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  1. A first class piece of work. Have you dropped CAMRA a line? I’m sure they’d be willing to give this a plug!

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