Last week I saw this in my tweet stream from Janet Davis

I want a virtual analogue Lloyd countdown timer

I’ve read lots of good stuff about UK GovCamp (#ukgc11) and a number of people had remarked on the brilliant job Lloyd Davis did in facilitating introductions and keeping sponsors to time.

Finding myself at tuttle on Friday, I took the opportunity to take some video of Lloyd recreating his much-mentioned ‘analogue timer’ with the aim of throwing together a virtual version as per Janet’s request.

Clearly, it can never replace the live in-the-flesh experience, but for those of you who are unable to secure Lloyd’s timing services for your event…

Here’s a link to the virtual Lloyd. You can instruct him to count for any length of time you need. He can be started and (maybe more importantly) stopped at will :)


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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jim Anning, Janet E Davis. Janet E Davis said: RT @JimAnning: I've made a virtual @LloydDavis (for @janetedavis) to time things in the style of his #ukgc11 performance […]

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