Eric Joyce MP is organising an All Party Group to campaign against the Digital Economy Act.  The Act was rushed through parliament before the Election and badly needs repealing / changing / reforming.

The more MP’s who join the group, the better chance it has to make a real difference. Please consider taking 5 minutes to write to your MP and urge them to join the group. Here’s my letter to Rob Wilson (Reading East).

Dear Rob Wilson,

In your letter to me of 12th April regarding the Digital Economy Bill (as was) you said…

“My party has pledged, that if we are elected to Government on May 6th this year, we will revisit the Bill an look at alternative options…..”

I understand Eric Joyce is organising an all party group to campaign to change this flawed legislation and that the first meeting of this group will be on the 25th May. I would urge you to email Eric ( with your intention to join the All Party Group on the Digital Economy. If you feel unable to join this group I would be very interested to understand your reasoning given the strength of feeling in your constituency regarding the Digital Economy Act.

Yours sincerely,

Jim Anning


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