Along with one hundred or so other people I spent Saturday in Richmond at Tweetcamp – an interesting, experimental, unconference based around twitter. There are some excellent write ups of the day by…

Katherine Robertson – @TheSourceress

Neville Hobson – @Jangles

Claire Thompson – @Claireatwaves,

Amy Sample Ward – @amyrsward

Billy Abbott – @cowfish

All these posts rightly highlight the efforts of the organisers¬†@farhan, @cyberdees @JonIn60seconds who did a fantastic job of pulling everything together – I’d also add that they deserve huge credit for getting behind something which was effectively an ‘experiment’ – Its always a bit of a leap of faith to publicly organise something with a new format where it’s not clear from the start what the outcome is going to be like – so I’d like to thank them for their ‘bravery’ as well as everything that has been said so far.

I had some interesting conversations during the morning, but the highlight for me was an afternoon session with @RadioKate @JamesCridland and @jangles where we moved the conversation beyond the ‘mechanics’ of twitter itself and discussed some of the wider implications of social media as it is impacting organisations and society.

On the “it would have been even better if” front there has been lots of good feedback in the posts above. I would only add two points…

1. The more structured/facilitated discussions were held in groups of about 10 or so. I always find that its difficult to just have one conversation in a group of that size. With any more than 6 or 7 in the circle things tend to naturally split off into smaller groups, which makes it a nightmare for whoever has the job of capturing everything and feeding it back. I think smaller groups would have made for better conversations and easier feedback during these sessions.

2. A couple of the structured sessions were focussed on drawing out the topics that people had been discussing in previous un-structured sessions. My observation was that this tended to become an exercise in ‘going round the table’ with each person contributing their own piece while someone captured each piece on the flipchart. Maybe a quicker way of doing this in the future (and one that would allow more of the group sessions to be focussed on interacting over reporting) would be to get everyone to tweet the topics then generate a word cloud of all the tweets.

All in all an excellent day, with great organisation.

Big thanks to the sponsors @uk_gumtree, @PayPal, Start Up Essentials, @addlestones, @MyMuesli & @Yelp_London for giving it their backing.


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