So Milestone Planner seems to be working out OK. In the first couple of weeks there have been around 700 visitors, about 45% of them give the app a go – and at the last count 100 people liked it enough to sign up. I’ve had some great comments on the app (nicest ones below) and some good suggestions for improvements…

“What an awesome job!! This is absolutely fantastic. You would not believe how easier this has made life.”

“Very good format & very user friendly.”

“I love this app – it’s exactly what I need to create a visual for a complicated project I’m working on.”

Still have work to do on tweaking things to improve the 45% take up, but on the whole I’m pretty pleased with how its going. There’s another release planned in 2/3 weeks time which will extend the planning horizon from 30 to 52 weeks and I’m starting to work through how the collaborative aspects of the product should work.

So far so good!


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