Adios Niguelas


Our house for the last couple of months

Our house for the last couple of months

So today is our last day in Niguelas before we head back to the UK (just in time for new years eve). Things I will miss….



  • playing with Joel & Zak down by the river, making dams and generally bending nature to our wills
  • Fresh mountain air, bright blue skies & fantastic views
  • The whole notion of Tapas – a tasty snack every time you order a drink


On the other hand… I will not miss…


  • Having to wear three layers of clothes to bed when its icy and arctic outside
  • the cross-your-fingers, sometimes there, sometimes not internet connection
  • cleaning out the log fire everyday


All in all its been a great trip – I’m so glad we could do it before Joel started school. The kids have had a brilliant time and have spent all the time playing with the few toys we brought with us (thankyou Lego!) and each other – without a second thought for CBeebies etc.

I didn’t make as much progress on as I hoped – I’d wanted to get the first publicly available version online by now, but what we’ve developed so far is good, the feedback from everyone has been really useful and I think we’re well placed to get in up & running early in the new year.

So… from Niguelas… Adios & see you all back in the UK soon.


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