Technology problems continue to plague us…. this time it was the magsafe connector for the macbook. For a while its been getting a bit dodgy where the cable connects to the connector – but it finally went a few days ago. With about 20 mins battery life left I managed to back up everything important… but where in Spain can you get a new macbook power cable?

Answer was pretty much nowhere without driving 100’s of miles and the post don’t deliver to the back of beyond where we are living. 


Why don't Apple make them like this?

Why dont Apple make them like this?


The satisfying glow of the power light

The satisfying glow of the power light

However, I managed to draw a very good (even if I say so myself) picture of a soldering iron, then armed with this and enough Spanish to order a beer I headed off to the Ferreteria (ironmonger – toolshop type of place) in the next village. Miraculously – after a bit of sniggering – the guy correctly interpreted my drawing and produced a soldering iron & solder – 7 euros later I was the proud owner.



So, with the aid of a penknife, my sparkly new soldering iron, some string and a clothes peg I have repaired the power cable. I’m not sure it will win any beauty prizes, but it will suffice until I can arrange to get a new cable.


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  1. Well done. All those years of shirking in TSA at BBC Mon have finally paid off. Behold the well rounded man – he can develop software with one hand whilst making fire and doing 1930’s style soldering with the other

  2. Deserves the prestigious “Order of the Bodge”!

    I used to buy Hobby Electronics when I was younger and one article commented: “Yes we all know about readers nasty habits about housing their projects in cardboard boxes.” [On the basis that this needed a metal one for shielding.] Up until then I thought it was only me!

  3. Are you still using this?

  4. nope – it lasted for as long as it had to though :)

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