Second release

Second release

Here’s the second release of the application. I had some excellent feedback on the first release and have tried to incorporate as much of it as possible (see below).

Its great that people are willing to spend a bit of time having a go with the app and helping its development along and I’d like to find a way of saying thankyou… So (and tell me if this is a crap idea),  I’ve decided that for each feedback post I receive I’ll donate £10 to a charity – if you want to nominate one when you post your feedback then if there’s an obvious favourite then that will be the one to benefit.

Notes about this release….

It still doesn’t do anything particularly useful – this week I’ll start work on the Milestones bit of the app so hopefully in the next release it will really start coming together. Some of the differences in this release include….

  • I’ve put some sample info in there to make testing easier
  • You can now view the timeline down to a resolution of 1 week (thanks Dave)
  • Days of the week are displayed when the timeline is zoomed in enough (on my screen I get the days displayed at anything less than 12 weeks or so, depending on your screen size it may be different for you – thanks Clive)
  • I think I’ve enabled Mousewheel control of the up/down scroll bar (but can’t test because I don’t have one!! Thanks Dan – tell me if it works or not)
  • Swimlanes have changed quite a bit – firstly you can add new ones. If you click on the title hotspot you can change the details, if you drag the title you’ll be able to swap the order of the swimlanes around (this took ages to get right – but i’m fairly pleased with the way it works)
  • There were a number of good suggestions which I haven’t tackled yet… including clicking on the zoom slider, having a date picker to control the timeline view and being able to zoom vertically to see more or fewer swimlanes.
  • Both Dan and Clive said that there was an issue with the dates at the top of the timeline when you zoomed – they didnt display correctly – I couldn’t replicate this, but since then I have changed the way the app is deployed so would be really grateful to know if this has gone away or if its still and issue I need to fix.
  • I tried to make weekends look different (in a different colour) but it just didn’t look right – would be interested in how strongly people agree that it would be easier to use if weekends / non-working days were highlighted?)

As before if you want to leave some feedback then post a comment to the blog.

Thanks – Jim


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  1. My Dad sent this…

    Have been thinking about the highlighting non working days bit. Week-ends are not perhaps so relevant when a lot of businesses/contractors work flexi time. Non working days could be different for different people/departments, so I would have thought some form of highlighting would be essential. It would need to be moveable. How do you propose people enter data? Will it be some form of text or symbols based on main events/milestones? If symbol based then you could have a non working day symbol. You could also have different colours for different symbols depending on how important/cruicial the event/milestone is to the project. Obviously everyone would have to use the same notation but perhaps they could be held in a drop down box ready for copying into the timelines. Perhaps the symbols could be user defined depending on the type of project and set by the team at the start.

  2. JIm,

    Your dad’s suggestions seem to make sense to me. Comments on drop 2. Like the expanding box when you click on the swim lane title. However, it looks a bit old fasioned- big box, big boring font etc- can’t really explain what I mean. Also it ticked me off a few times that clicking anywhere on the title box other other than on the title didn’t bring up the box. The text in the title box can spill out of the box. I’ve added some new swimlanes and text in them which may emphasise the importance of security levels and limiting the ability of some users to make changes. Its looking good by the way. keep it up…

  3. But just noticed that all the changes I’ve made weren’t retained after I quit the screen to make the comments above and then came back. Shame they were quite funny I thought…

  4. I had the same difficulty as Clive when I added a swim lane, it was not retained – but that might just be because it is a test version and needs tweeking. Agree that some form of restiriction to who can make changes is a good suggestion.
    Have a few other thoughts which I will mull over on the flight over tomorrow and float over a glass of wine when we arrive.

  5. A couple of things….

    Ideas about working / non-working days are good… remember that some places have weekends that are different to Saturday / Sunday, so ideally this functionality should be customisable (is that a word?!) May be possible to upload data re. public holidays in different countries…. useful for international collaboration?

    When dragging and dropping swimlanes I managed to create large gaps between them – difficult to describe, but I think I dropped the top swimlane onto the third one and the gap appeared. I’ll email you a screenshot.

    Mousewheel control is not working BTW (using standard Dell mouse, PC running Windows XP).

  6. Re: swimlanes not being retained, I should have made it clearer in the main post – All of the features etc are currently only working in the browser – nothing that changes is stored anywhere – so as soon as you close the browser or navigate away everything will be lost – I’ll be working on the storage aspects and making everything ‘persistent’ once we’ve hammered the look and feel and functionality at the front end.

    Thanks for the comments so far – all v. useful stuff

  7. Much better Jim – I’m actually starting to like it 😉
    Looking forward to v0.3

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