Tonight, after a lot of buggering around, I managed to deploy the first cut of the application to my web server. Its v. early days – right now all I’ve published is the basic look & feel, you can scroll around and zoom and thats about it.

What I’d really really appreciate is some feedback on…

  • How long does it take to download (Here in the back of beyond over my mobile broadband modem – hung near the ceiling on a bit of string so that it can catch those lovely 3G rays if I’m lucky – it took forever)
  • What browser / OS / type of computer are you using (only tested so far on Safari on a Mac)
  • How easy does the app make it to understand what you have to do to zoom & scroll around
  • How responsive is it
  • What do you think of the look & feel
  • anything else you can think of

For a reminder of what I’m trying to achieve (in the longer term) read this.



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  1. Hi Jim,
    Sounds like you are having a great time. I’m very jealous!

    Things are dark, wet and cold here.

    Initial impressions.
    Domain Name is good. That is a result that was free!
    Love the drag bar to allow you to quickly alter the range of weeks you can see. May be useful to be able to go all the way down to 1 week depending on how much detail / number of milestones people may have per week you may have to go down to that resolution to see them all clearly.
    Maybe nice to put in a custom view button that allows you to select specific date ranges. Especialy for the hard copy as people may want different views for different people.
    I think hot spots on the swimlane titles may be a good idea so that if you hover the mouse over them it pops up a dialog box to allow you to put some more detailed information in as you don’t want to clutter the main screen.


  2. Hi Jim,

    Looks like you’re finding yourself out there! Making fire, playing with clothes pegs, processing olives…what next?
    I really enjoyed your blog, but take umbridge at your declaration that anyone tasked with updating your purile little project plans acts as a bottle-neck!!!
    Anyway, by way of revenge, here are a couple of ‘constuctive observations’ to help you in your pursuit of excellence:
    1. Look and feel – Love it. I’m not sure if all the different coloured vertical stripes are going to make it a bit ‘busy’ when there are a few milestones on there?
    2. The zoom slider is a nice idea, but I kept clicking on the point that I wanted it to end up rather than sliding it along (perhaps I’ve been a Windows user too long?) A bit frustrating – but I suppose I’d get used to it.
    3. The page doesn’t respond to the mouse wheel – I acually use this a lot, so again it’s a bit frustrating.
    4. When you go for a longer term view (e.g. 30 weeks), the date shows as 20. I wasn’t sure if this was the 20th of each month, or the year. Sounds stupid of me i know, but it would be good if the font reduced to show the whole date.

    Anyway, it’s a huge improvement on the last time I saw it and good for you.
    It took nearly minute to load up to the point where I could actually do anything (using the office network, running XP on the HP Compaq).


  3. Jim- it does have a sharp look and feel – I like it. I’d agree with all the comments Dave and Dan made. A few other minor ones: -on the 8W view it would be very helful to have days of the week
    -on the 6m and max views the year is confusingly truncated. think that might be one of dan’s points
    -would be very useful to show weekends and non working days in a different colour (but then you’d need a new screen for users to enter non working days)
    Obvious next steps which I’m sure you’re planning…
    -different colurs for the milestones depending on what degree of risk is attached to that delivery date
    – a way of showing a partial delivery of a milestone i.e. theyve delivered the bit on which the next milestone is dependent but haven’t finished the whole job. sounds crap but you know how often that happens and how difficult it is to express in things like MS project
    -click on the milestone to find out critical information- at the least the name of the person responsible for delivering it
    – it would be cool indeed to be able to click on the milestone and get not only critical info but a dd list of related actions like “go to ” associated MSP plan”. may be getting out of the scope of what you’re planning

  4. Andy e-mailed me this…. have copied it here.

    Great domain name – this idea is definitely going to work. I’ve had a quick play and read blog comments, all of which are valid. You’ve probably got this covered when you crack on with development :

    Easy to add new milestones, name them etc
    Easy to amend details and also delete
    Also, I thought the zoom is great but can you also zoom top to bottom. e.g. you have to scroll down if you have lots of swimlanes, would be nice to all on one screen even if some detail is lost slightly.
    Choose Date Range –

    I’ll keep on playing and send your feedback, but so far looks good mate, and a definite winner to let you live in Spain forever!

    After clearing my cache, it took 7 seconds to load on Barbados broadband……

    Keep in touch, speak soon.


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