Years ago I came across Milestone Slip Charts – which are graphical ways to show the history of a plan. I think they are pretty powerful because they make it v. clear whats gone on and you can’t really hide behind them. The top axis shows the planned milestone dates the left axis is real time – i.e. the chart shows how the milestones have changed over time. 

Milestone History Chart

Milestone History Chart

 However…. they are a complete pain in the arse to draw, keep up to date etc… When I was building the basic prototype for the Milestone Planner I realised that the data I was capturing anyway would make it v. easy to build a milestone slip chart (or perhaps we should call it a Milestone History Chart – apparently some projects don’t slip !!). 

One concern is that this may just be too complicated to decipher and that a simpler (but not as rich) way of showing history would make more sense. 

So useful… or too complicated?


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